Saturday, 24 December 2011

Panavia Tornado

Panavia Tornado
The Panavia Tornado is powered by twin engines & is variable sweep 
wings combat aircraft.It is a joint venture of United Kingdom,West
German & Italy.The Tornado was the first production military 
aircraft with fly-by-wire controls.

 Primary Function:Strike/ground attack
Two Turbo-Union RB199-34R turbofans rated at 16,520 lb thrust (Mk 103 - IDS; Mk 104 - ADV)

Length: 54 feet, 10 inches
Wingspan:45 feet, 8 inches
Height: 19 feet, 6 inches
Max takeoff weight: 28,000 kg

Speed:800 knots
Ceiling:50,000 feet
Range:1,390 km
Ferry range: 3,890 km (2,417 mi) with four external drop tanks
IDS - Two IWKA-Mauser 27-mm cannons. Max load of 19,840 lb, including AIM-9 AAMs, bombs, LGBs, ALARM and HARM anti-radiation missiles, B61 nuclear bombs, Sea Eagle and Kormoran ASMs
ADV - One IKMA-Mauser 27-mm cannon. Four Skyflash AAMs, two AIM-9L AAMs.

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