Sunday, 12 August 2012


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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Northrop F-5 Tiger

Northrop F-5 Tiger

 Northrop F-5 Tiger refuling
 Northrop F-5 Recovery
Northrop F-5 Tiger taking off

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Northrop F-5 Tiger

Northrop F-5 Tiger
 Northrop F-5 Tiger & eurofighter
 Northrop F-5 Tiger elephant walk
 Northrop F-5 Tiger formation
 Northrop F-5 Tiger in hanger
 Northrop F-5 Tiger landing
Northrop F-5 Tiger on runway

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Northrop F-5 Tiger

Northrop F-5 Tiger
Northrop F-5 Tiger
 Northrop F-5 Tiger
 Northrop F-5 Tiger
 Northrop F-5 Tiger
 Northrop F-5 Tiger
Northrop F-5 Tiger

Northrop F-5 Tiger

Northrop F-5 Tiger
 Northrop F-5 is widely used light supersonic fighter aircraft.
The F-5 is suitable for various types of ground-support and aerial intercept missions.
The F-5 is a lightweight, easy-to-fly, simple-to-maintain, and (relatively) cheap fighter. 
The F-5 was originally designed as a daytime, air-to-air fighter,
 but it has also been extensively used as a ground-attack aircraft.
General characteristics / Specifications
Crew: 1
Length: 47 ft 4¾ in (14.45 m)
Wingspan: 26 ft 8 in (8.13 m)
Height: 13 ft 4½ in (4.08 m)
Wing area: 186 ft² (17.28 m²)
Airfoil: NACA 65A004.8 root, NACA 64A004.8 tip
Empty weight: 9,558 lb (4,349 kg)
Loaded weight: 15,745 lb (7,157 kg)
Max. takeoff weight: 24,722 lb (11,214 kg)
Powerplant: 2 × General Electric J85-GE-21B turbojet
Dry thrust: 3,500 lbf (15.5 kN) each
Thrust with afterburner: 5,000 lbf (22.2 kN) each
* Zero-lift drag coefficient: 0.0200
Drag area: 3.4 ft² (0.32 m²)
Aspect ratio: 3.86
Internal fuel: 677 US gal (2,563 L)
External fuel: 275 US gal (1,040 L) per tank in up to 3 tanks

Maximum speed: 917 kn (1,060 mph, 1,700 km/h, Mach 1.6)
Range: 760 nmi (870 mi, 1,405 km)
Ferry range: 2,010 nmi (2,310 mi, 3,700 km)
Service ceiling: 51,800 ft (15,800 m)
Rate of climb: 34,400 ft/min (175 m/s)
Lift-to-drag ratio: 10.0

Guns: 2× 20 mm (0.787 in) M39A2 Revolver cannons in the nose, 280 rounds/gun
Hardpoints: 7 total (3× wet): 2× wing-tip AAM launch rails, 4× under-wing & 1× under-fuselage pylon stations with a capacity of 7,000 pounds (3,200 kg) and provisions to carry combinations of:

2× LAU-61/LAU-68 rocket pods (each with 19× /7× Hydra 70 mm rockets, respectively); or
2× LAU-5003 rocket pods (each with 19× CRV7 70 mm rockets); or
2× LAU-10 rocket pods (each with 4× Zuni 127 mm rockets); or
2× Matra rocket pods (each with 18× SNEB 68 mm rockets)

4× AIM-9 Sidewinders or 4× AIM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air missile
2× AGM-65 Maverick air-to-surface missiles
Bombs: A variety of air-to-ground ordnance such as the Mark 80 series of unguided bombs (including 3 kg and 14 kg practice bombs), CBU-24/49/52/58 cluster bomb munitions, napalm bomb canisters and M129 Leaflet bomb, and laser guided bombs of Paveway family.
Others: up to 3× 150/275 US gallon Sargent Fletcher drop tanks for ferry flight or extended range/loitering time.

Emerson Electric AN/APQ-153 radar on early batch of F-5E
Emerson Electric AN/APQ-159 radar on later production F-5E
AN/AVQ-27 Laser Target Designator Set (LTDS), for F-5B and F-5F only.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

NHIndustries NH90

NHIndustries NH90
 NHIndustries NH90
 NHIndustries NH90 bank forward
 NHIndustries NH90 Climbing
NHIndustries NH90 
NHIndustries NH90 Bank left

NHIndustries NH90

NHIndustries NH90
 NHIndustries NH90
 NHIndustries NH90 Drooping Troops
 NHIndustries NH90
 NHIndustries NH90 Hovering
NHIndustries NH90 

NHIndustries NH90

NHIndustries NH90
 NH90 over landscape
NH90 Banking 
 NHIndustries NH90
NHIndustries NH90

NHIndustries NH90

NHIndustries NH90
 NHIndustries NH90 is powered by twin-engine & is a medium sized multi-
role military helicopter manufactured by NHIndustries.
It is a joint-venture of AugstaWestland (Italy), Eurocopter 
(France/Germany) and Stork Fokker Aerospace (Dutch).
The NH-90 TTH's primary role is that of tactical transport ie moving 
troops and supplies around. It can also be configured for more 
specialist roles such as Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR).

General characteristics/ Specifications
Crew: 2 pilots (and possible sensor operator on NFH)
Capacity: 20 troops/12 stretchers/2 NATO Pallets or 4,000 kg (8,818 lb) external slung load
Length: 16.13 m (52 ft 11 in)
Rotor diameter: 16.30 m (53 ft 6 in)
Height: 5.23 m (17 ft 2 in)
Empty weight: 6,400 kg (14,100 lb)
Useful load: 4,200 kg (9,260 lb)
Max takeoff weight: 10,600 kg (23,370 lb)
Powerplant: 2 × Rolls-Royce Turbomeca RTM322-01/9 turboshaft, 1,662 kW (2,230 shp) each, or:
Powerplant: 2× General Electric T700-T6E turboshafts, 1,577 kW (2,115 shp) each

Maximum speed: 300 km/h (162 knots, 186 mph)
Range: 800 km, 497 mi (TTH); 1,000 km, 621 mi (NFH)
Service ceiling: 6,000 m (20,000 ft)
Rate of climb: 8 m/s (1,574 ft/m)

Missiles: anti-submarine and/or air to surface missiles (NFH version), 2x door gun

 NHIndustries NH90
 NH90 Bank right
NH90 Hovering

Monday, 13 February 2012

C-27 (G222) Spartan

C-27 (G222) Spartan
 C-27J Spartan
 C-27 (G222) Spartan Landing
 C-27 (G222) Spartan climbing
C-27 (G222) Spartan